SUP Boards – How Do You Choose?

Set of different colors surf boards on the beach.

Stand-up paddling has experienced a surge in popularity in the last couple of years in the United States and abroad.  This is due to the fact that it is a low-impact sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

In addition, you can paddle for recreation, you can burn calories, enter races, take paddleboard yoga classes and even fish from an SUP.

Buying an SUP is not cheap. However, when you look at the long term cost of other sports, like lessons, rental fees, equipment maintenance costs, membership fees or access to parks or other locations, paddleboarding suddenly becomes one of the least expensive sports.

All that said, you don’t want to overpay when purchasing an SUP. It’s smart to spend time doing your research so you end up with gear best-suited for you that will last a long time and be hassle-free.

Think about the style of paddling you want to do and where you will do it. Some SUPs are better for ocean surfing while other models perform better on flat lakes and bays. Some boards are designed for faster rides, like you would want for racing. Others are designed purely for recreation and wider for beginners.

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Will you be sharing the board with others? Maybe an all-around board is best, so you can accommodate all levels and sizes of riders. Did you know that there are some boards big enough to carry two people, pets or additional cargo for fishing? Don’t be surprised to find that there are more options in stand up paddleboards than you originally thought.

For this reason, it can be a good idea to get some help using an SUP shopping guide.

Pro web surfers such as Rick Thomas and Kai Lenny have done much to advertise the sport. Rick practically solely brought the sport into the spotlight in California as he gained a following. If you want to learn more about the pro paddleboarding world, check out SUP Magazine.

As celebrities, athletes and other well-known people try sports like paddleboarding, kiteboardingsnowboarding and more, these sports come out of obscurity and into the eyes of the conventional population.

Stand-up paddle boards are bigger than the ordinary surf board. It is due to the fact that of the SUP board and its size that the sport is so flexible. The boards can be used in virtually any open water.They are excellent for both surfing the waves and taking pleasure in calmer waters.

In addition to surfing ocean waves, people like to take them on lakes, rivers, and ride them on the wakes behind boats. Races are held around the globe each year where rivals will take a trip far away on their stand-up paddle boards.SUP board designs have actually evolved over the years with the sport.

The first boards that were offered for customers weighed near 120 pounds and were close to 15 feet long. As innovations have actually become offered new boards came out. SUP board dealerships today can supply boards anywhere from 9 feet to 15 feet, varying in price from $600 to $3000 for personalized SUP boards.Originally made of strong wood, they progressed to a hollow form.

Today they are made from fiberglass or epoxy resign surrounding a polystyrene foam core. This enables the perfect blend of size, shape, and weight. SUP boards in are made with a high standard that satisfies and exceeds the nationwide expectations.As stand up paddling receives more attention, the sport is expected to remain to grow.

The fan base is forecasted to broaden since of the fun and versatile nature of the sport. Both experienced internet users and those new to water sports can take pleasure in elements of SUP. With an activity for everybody, SUP will quickly find a solid base in the United States